Tuesday, 19 July 2011

OPI Silver Shatter & Pirates of the Caribbean Collection - swatches & review

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Jaztee said...

So glad to see you have started a blog! I love reading your posts in the OPI thread on VF (I'm cocochameh) so it's good to see some pics to go with the comments. :)

Great swatches, I especially love Mermaid Tears... I want Silver Shatter, but after trying a friend's one it was so gluggy and was very temperamental when it came to shattering. As you say though, perhaps I need to buy my own and go to town with some thinner.

chicbeauty said...

Thanks for following my blog Jaztee/cocochameh - great to have a fellow OPI Voguette visit :)

I was watching an OPI show the other day on TVSN where they featured the new shatters. The OPI rep mentioned how it's important to allow the underneath colour to dry fully before applying shatter, and she said that this was ESPECIALLY important with the Silver Shatter. So I think this reinforces that Silver Shatter is the tricky one out of the lot & it's probably got to do with the fine metallic particles in there. If you can get one with the right consistency, it's worth it because it's really pretty. But yep definitely have that bottle of thinner handy because sounds like some bottles are thicker than others!