Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dry Shampoos - comparisons/reviews

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Mary-Anne said...

I've only just got into dry shampoos and have tried the Klorane (couldn't brush the white out enough so it left me looking grey!) and the Batiste for brunettes (this works well on me but the smell is a bit annoying as it competes with my perfume but I guess they all do that). I've got the Lee Stafford for brunettes but haven't tried it yet. Great review - now I know not to bother with the Cedel or Fudge. Thanks!

chicbeauty said...

Thanks for your feedback Mary-Anne & for sharing your experiences with dry shampoos :) I think it's a continuous search for all of us to find the dry shampoo that's the best for our hair - for me, none of them are "all-round" perfect yet in terms of absorbing the oilies, not leaving residue and smelling nice. But for me, Klorane is the closest - it's just that white residue that's annoying!