Friday, 30 September 2011

My OPI Collection - swatches to come!

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Jaztee said...

I'm terribly jealous of your train cases! At the time I couldn't justify the price, but since my collection has grown I'm kicking myself I didn't get them. You have a great collection, my OPIs are only at 50(but the biggest percentage of my collex), but they are by far my favorite brand for the reasons you mentioned. I look forward to seeing some swatches!

aelie said...

What a great collection! I have about 100 OPIs as I started off just collecting those, and I have them stored in 2 OPI stands and the rest in a drawer. Soooo jealous of your train cases, I would love something like that!

chicbeauty said...

Thanks guys :) The case on the right was brilliant value, because it also came with a bag which fits that nail polish storage section inside. But I chose to use them as 2 separate cases. The bag itself is brilliant - it fits so much stuff & makes for a great overnight bag. I hope they bring something like that out again soon - will let you guys know for sure so you can snap one up if you like :)