Sunday, 13 January 2013

Urban Decay Vice Palette - looks & combinations

Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you to all of you who visit and/or follow my blog - to this date, my blog has received over 28,500 visits, which is amazing!!  I hope that my posts have been of some help to you, and I will do my best this year to post more!

Continuing on from my previous blog on the Urban Decay Vice Palette (here), I have been playing around with some colour combinations, and thought I'd post what I've done so far.  I will keep adding photos as I go along, so stay posted.

In terms of the texture and formulation of these eyeshadows, they are generally impressive.  They are richly pigmented, and Urban Decay's new eyeshadow formulations also have a smoother texture.  This helps reduce the amount of fallout, even though it is inevitably completely unavoidable (especially with the shades with glitter in them).  However there is an improvment on Urban Decay's previous formulation.  The eyeshadows are also long wearing, especially with Urban Decay's Primer Potion underneath - I get hours without any creasing or fading. 

A "rainbow" look using Blitz (inner lid), Noise (outer lid), Vice (crease), Unhinged (lower lash)

Penny Lane (inner lid), Vice (outer lid), Chaos (lower lash)

Echo Beach (all over lid), Muse (outer corner), Nevermind (crease)

Provocateur (lid), Vice (outer corner & lower lash).
Provocateur is one of the shades that needs patience -
it's a a glitter & is a bit crumbly, and also transfers easily.

As above, with Rapture added to the crease

Laced (all over lid), Desperation (outer corner), Nevermind (crease)

Armor (all over lid), Junkie (outer corner & lower lash)

Occupy (lid), Anonymous (crease to brow), Black Market (lower lash)


Stacey P said...

Great swatches - been debating whether to get this palette or not, because I thought there were too many bright colours, but there's a few neutrals too which I like.

chicbeauty said...

Hi Stacey - yep, there are quite a few neutrals in this palette as well as the brighter colours. Even if you don't use the bright ones all over the lid, you can use them just to line the lower lash line for a 'pop' of colour, and do the rest of the eye in neutral colours.