Thursday, 14 February 2013

OPI Skyfall Collection - Magnetic Laquers - swatches & review

As mentioned in my OPI Skyfall Collection blog here, the James Bond themed release by OPI was not just limited to the usual 12 polish collection.  The release also included Bond themed Pure Lacquer Nail Apps, an 18k gold foil-flecked top coat (The Man With The Golden Gun), and three magnetic effect nail lacquers.  I have two of these - Bond, James Bond and Is That Silva?  Each nail lacquer comes with its own magnet, which produces a unique pattern on the nail.  

Bond...James Bond
'Bond...James Bond' is a pewter and gold toned polish which produces diamond shapes of these colours, against a silvery background.   I found the formula of this one to be a bit unpredictable, because although I would get a strong pattern initially, it would slowly dissipate over a few hours.  I tried applying in different ways and in different thicknesses, but ended up with the same result every time.  I'm wondering whether there is an issue with either the magnet or the particles in the lacquer.  

Initial pattern (natural light)

Initial pattern (flash)

After a few hours wear...

Is That Silva?

'Is That Silva?' is a dark silver/gunmetal toned polish that produces diagonal stripes of that colour across the nail, against a lighter silver background.  There are also fine holographic flecks dispersed throughout.  This magnet produced a strong, distinct pattern, which unlike the previous one, actually stayed like that.  Really love this one.  

Natural light (taken after a couple of days wear, no top coat)

With flash

These are the recommended application instructions, which come with each lacquer:

It does say to apply 2 coats, which is definitely needed, but I find that it works best if you apply the first coat on each nail on one hand first, then go back and apply the second coat and magnetise each finger upon application on the second coat.  I've done a bit of experimenting since, and found that even working two nails at a time (in the same way) works even better in getting a strong pattern.   And doing a relatively thin first coat, followed by a generous second coat helps with the development of the pattern.  If the coats are too thin, then they will semi-dry before you get to them with the magnet, and the pattern won't turn out as well.  Also, I find that holding the magnet for more than the recommended 5 to 6 seconds is better for pattern strength (around 10 to 15 seconds works well).  

Holding the magnet over the nail.  The edge of the magnet
holder should touch below the cuticle.  The magnet itself
should NOT touch the nail.

Overall, these magnetic nail lacquers are a great, easy way to apply nail art, which is really popular right now.  It might take a bit of practice with a couple of nails, but it generally produces a great result.  'Bond, James Bond' was a little disappointing for me, and possibly it may be that there is an issue with the lacquer or the magnet that I've received.  However the initial pattern it produces is really great.  And I aboslutely love 'Is That Silva' - it produces a strong pattern which stays on the nails until removed.

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