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BYS Colour Change Lipstick

The concept of colour changing products is something I never considered that I would see in the world of cosmetics.  We have seen colour changing products in various other areas, such as clothing (remember those t-shirts!) and jewellery.  So it was interesting to find out about the BYS Colour Change Lipsticks, which is an additional colour changing product to the BYS range - they have also previously released colour changing nail polish. 

All the info from BYS - Colour Change Lipstick RRP: $3.95 

Makeup is fun, but what could be more fun than makeup that changes colour?  BYS have already introduced their colour change nail polish, and now they've launched their new colour change lipstick which changes colour depending on the temperature of your body!  

Green, purple and blue might not be a conventional lip colour - however they glide on like a subtle tint and as your body temperature changes, it will change into a deeper, vibrant colour like pink or fuschia.  Are you game to try out this range? BYS Colour Change Lipsticks come in 11 different shades including There's Monday Blues, Short Fuse, Change of Heart, Mood Swings, Turn Up The Temper, Happy Go Lucky, Good Vibes, Walking On Sunshine, Feeling Festive, Loud & Proud and Happy Chap.  

My review  

The shade of lipstick I have for review is 'A Change of Heart', which is a bright orange shade in the tube.  However, the front of the packaging has an indicator sticker, which lets you know which colour it will change into - in this case, a vivid pink.  

When I first applied the lipstick, it appeared as a peachy colour, and as time passed, it changed into a pinky coral shade.  The shade also intensified as the time passed - it applied sheer, but deepened and became slightly more pigmented.  In the picture below, I have 4 swatches of the lipstick - the far right swatch is after 2 minutes, and moving to the left, I applied a swatch after 30 seconds of applying the previous one.  As you can see, the far left one (which is almost immediately after application) is more orange toned and more sheer in intensity.  

Progressive colour change, from left to right

The texture of this lipstick is quite nice - it has a satin texture, which feels smooth and non-drying on the lips.  The longevity is also impressive, as it has a staining effect on the lips.  So even after the initial application of the lipstick wore away, I was left with a pink, 'flushed' look on my lips.  

BYS Colour Change Lipstick 'A Change of Heart', 2 minutes after application

The scent/taste of the lipsticks reminds me of grape bubblegum, but it's not too strong or overpowering.   

My only real 'hesitation' with this product is the ingredient listing - namely liquid paraffin (which is the first ingredient), the "synthetic" beeswax, and the two parabens.  These days, I tend to be a bit more conscious about the ingredients in the makeup that I apply - particularly lip products, and particularly the lip products that I wear frequently or continuously (such as lip balms and day-to-day lip colours).  However, the colour of this lipstick is not something I would wear everyday, and ingredients such as those mentioned don't really concern me if I just wear them occasionally.  

The verdict:  In addition to being fun and interesting, the BYS Colour Changing Lipsticks also have a great texture and finish - they glide on smoothly to the lips, are non-drying, and leave the lips with hours of colour.  

Ingredient Listing:

BYS products are available from K-Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus, Ice Accessories, selected pharmacies and specialty stores, or online at  

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