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BYS Blush Trio - review, swatches & blush application tips

As I have mentioned in a previous post about blush, I am a self-confessed blush phobic.  I have never been very comfortable wearing blush - firstly due to the natural redness I have on my cheeks, and secondly out of fear of looking like a clown.  However, there is no doubt that blush can make such a huge difference to the face - including giving an instant facelift, so I am slowly trying to wear blush more and more.  I have been doing a bit of learning about blush application, so that I can learn about the best way to apply.  BYS have just released a range of blush trios, which I thought I would give a go as a step forward in my "blush phobia recovery."

All the info from BYS

These new BYS Blushers have a lightweight formula that is highly pigmented and easy to apply.  BYS Blusher Trios are easily blendable allowing you to use one colour alone or blend the three shades ot create a hue of your own.  With this many possibilities you can highlight, define and shade the perfect cheekbones for your skintone.  With 4 palettes in the range, we have covered bronzed and beautiful with Coral Me In, bold and fresh with On The Bright Side, playfully peach with Endless Summer and understated dusky pink shades with Heart Skipped A Beat.

Tips for use: Apply the colours individually or blend them together to create different finishes.  Use the darker shades to create shadows and the lighter shade to highlight, to really emphasise your cheekbones.

My Review

The size of this blush palette is impressive - I was expecting something much smaller, but it's quite a decent size.The colour I have for review is called 'Coral Me In.'  I thought that for someone like me who isn't overly comfortable with blush, a coral or bronze toned blush would be the best choice.  Coral Me In has a tangerine orange, a copper to bronze tone with a subtle golden shimmer, and a red toned coral.  

For each colour, there are two swatches - the left swatch is the colour applied with an eyeshadow brush (which shows the colour densely), and the right swatch is how the colour appears when applied with a blush brush, so this is a more accurate representation of how it will appear on the cheeks.

The tangerine orange shade is much more subtle when applied
with a blush brush - it becomes a peachy/apricot

The middle shade appears bronze in the palette,
but when applied becomes more of a dusty rose

The red coral shade is the most intensely pigmented one -
less is more with this one!

The colours in these blush trios can either be used on their own, or mixed to create the desired shade.  Below is a swatch of the three colours blended together, but because of the intense pigment of the red-coral shade, I only lightly dipped into it.

Combination of the 3 shades

I personally prefer a mixture of the orange and bronzey shade, or the bronzey shade alone, as these are the colours that I feel most comfortable wearing.  I recommend that after dipping the brush into the colour, turn the brush handle-side down and give it a tap - this helps to push the colour into the bristles, and minimise fallout of the blush onto the lower part of the face.  

I like to apply blush by swirling the brush on the apples of the cheek (while smiling), and then heading upward towards the ear.  This way, most of the colour is deposited on the apple of the cheek, and you get just a slight hint of the blush on the cheekbone, and don't get that round spot of blush on the cheek only (which can potentially give a clown-face look).  I also find that if you apply a bit of blush further away from the apples of the cheeks, it takes away the pure focus from the cheeks.  I also like to use a wide, soft bristled powder brush, as this helps give a lighter application.

The middle bronzey copper shade
applied over mineral powder foundation

The verdict: A nicely pigmented trio of blush colour, which is generous in size, so that a blush brush can easily be dipped into each individual colour, or can be blended to produce the desired colour.  The red-coral in this palette might not be for someone who is starting out with using blush, but the orange and the bronze shade are more softer, and can be applied lightly or built up to a more intense colour.  

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These products were generously provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with Chic Beauty's Disclosure Policy.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are the author's own.

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