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Glam by Manicare Express Nail Wraps 'Lace Me Up' - review

The hugely popular nail art trend just keeps on keeping on.  In fact, these days I almost feel 'dull' if I have all of my nails painted in the same block colour - I need to have at least one accent nail, or a bit of a reverse moon French mani.  But one area that I haven't delved into much is the area of nail apps & nail polish apps.  I have tried apps made out of real polish, so though it it was time to try some of the apps which aren't the nail polish type, one of which is the the Glam by Manicare Express Nail Wraps.

All the info from Manicare - Glam by Manicare Express Nail Wraps in 'Lace Me Up'

Get your nails looking hot and celebrity like with Glam Express! Nail Wraps.  Go from day to night with 2 trendy patterns or mix and match to express your daring side.

Trend Alert: Black Lace

Runway favourites like Valentino and Lanvin were all about the black lace on recent international runways.  Take one of winter's most romantic trends onto your fingertips with Glam By Manicare's Nail Wrap - Lace Me Up.

RRP: $9.95

My Review

The first thing that I really like about these nail wraps is that you get 2 different designs in each pack.  This pack contains the black lace design, and also a floral design with small crystal like embellishments, and both designs have transparent sections in them.  You get 20 pieces of each design in the pack (so a total of 40 pieces), as well as a cuticle stick and nail file.

Application directions are clearly printed on the back of the pack:
1. Start with clean nails.  Shape & file the nails and gently push back cuticles.
2. Select size that fits your nail.
3. Placed curved end onto the nail.  Apply near but not on cuticle.  Press and smooth over nail surface.
4. Cut or file off any excess nail wrap in downward motion.
5. Apply top coat for a long lasting result.
6. To remove, use polish remover and gently peel off.

I found that because each strip contained a single row of 10 wraps, it was easy to be able to guide the strip over the nail to determine the appropriate size.  The main issue I have with nail apps is that I have short nails, and also a small nail bed width.  So when it came to my small finger, I had to do a bit of trimming down with even the smallest sized wrap.

In terms of application ease, I found these a bit easier to work with in terms of being able to re-position the nail wrap, which is one of the benefits of using a nail app that isn't made out of real polish.  With the real polish nail apps, because they are thinner, it's difficult to lift it up again and re-position it.  Having said that, the real polish nail apps do sit more snug onto the nail bed.  

For some reason, I had issues getting the lace design app to sit evenly over my nail - it looked like there were little bumps here and there.  However, the floral design in this pack not only applied easier, but sat evenly and snug over the nail.  I actually thought that the floral design (having the little embellishments on it) would not have applied as evenly as the lace design.  But it turned out to be completely the opposite!  And being right handed, and having to apply these with my left hand, it actually wasn't very difficult, because the floral design apps applied so much easier than the lace design.

I loved both the designs in this pack though, and I think that the floral design one is perfect for someone who has wanted to add bits of bling to their nails, but haven't felt confident (or haven't had the patience) to do so.  I almost felt bad having to cut the floral wrap with the gorgeous embellishments on it, but it turned out that I ended up with a row of these little crystals on the free edge of my nail, which looked quite nice.

Having short nails, the nail wraps required quite a bit of trimming.  So I used scissors to cut along the edge of the nail - I found that the filing method didn't work for me.  Just a tip though - make sure that you use very sharp scissors when cutting these apps down to size - on a couple of my nails, the scissors weren't quite sharp enough and they cut out a little segment of the nail wrap from the free edge section of my nail.  

I applied a layer of top coat, which helped seal everything in and minimised the chances of the edges catching and lifting.  I actually found this step to be very important, as the nails wraps which were sealed well with top coat hadn't lifted after 3 to 4 days of wear, whereas some of the others had started to come off on the edges.  However, I expected these to start lifting off within 24 hours (after all the hand washing, cooking, dishwashing and showering etc) - but they didn't. So  I think that if applied well, these can last a few days on the nails. 

Overall, I think it took me about 45 minutes to apply the nail wraps on both hands.  I removed mine on the 4th day of wear, and they peeled off easily without causing any damage to the nail.  

The verdict:  A fantastic way to get some great nail art designs on the nail without the mess or fuss.  The two different designs in each pack allows you to mix and match if you want.  I recommend using very sharp scissors for trimming down, and applying an even top coat after application.  The designs in this particular pack are something I would go back to over and over again - really eye-catching.

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