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OPI Euro Centrale Collection - review & swatches

Euro Centrale was OPI's spring/summer 2013 collection launch.  The location inspiration for this collection centres around central-eastern European locations, like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  There is a bit of a mix of cremes, shimmers, metallic-foil shimmers, and a glitter. 

All the info from OPI

Euro Centrale by OPI is a celebration of one of the world’s richest sources of creative talent for centuries, and especially one of the areas of cultural awakening emerging from this region: fashion. Gothic historical churches alongside modern public buildings punctuated with vibrant graffiti murals are the perfect backdrop for modern fashion design to make its entrance. Young designers present their most avant-garde creations at fashion shows held in museums, designs to rival anything from Paris or Milan.

This fusion of "old meets new" perfectly illustrates how times have changed. Technological advances help us achieve the "have it all" lifestyle – family, career, civic duty, and now, what has become most fundamental — time to nourish ourselves, with a stronger focus on nutrition, exercise, and spiritual growth. As a result, our lives have become fuller, richer. We are no longer defined so much by what we do for a living, but how we live, including how we colour our lives to reflect our passions.

For some, it’s glamour that defines us. It shines outward in the way bold metallics shine in luxurious shades of gold (OY–Another Polish Joke!), bronze (Hands Off My Kielbasa!), and copper (A Woman’s Prague-ative).

For others, we were born to play – whether it’s physical sports, playing with our families, or simply having a playful attitude. We live in bright, happy shades like warm pink (Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!), periwinkle purple (You’re Such a BudaPest), aqua (Can’t Find My Czechbook), fiery red (My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!), and glittery blues and violets (Polka.com).

And then there are those of us with an "indie" approach to life, deep thinkers who are drawn to colours just as profound. Bottomless ocean indigo (OPI...Eurso Euro), midnight blue (I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw), and aubergine (Vant to Bite My Neck?) appeal to us. Finally, some of us choose to remain neutral, allowing us to move freely through the world, but for them, neutral isn’t boring...it’s exciting (My Vampire is Buff)!

As significant as colour, nail design continues to be an important element in fashion, acting as accessories as prominent as jewelry. By experimenting with application designs and exploring in new directions, nail fashion heights are limited only by imagination and daring.

My Review & Swatches

You're Such A Budapest

This could either be described as pale lilac with a slight blue undertone, or periwinkle   It has a very subtle silver shimmer through it, but it isn't visible on the nails, so it ultimately looks like a creme shade. 

Below is a comparison swatch of some of the other OPI lilac shades I have.  They are all different to You're Such A Budapest.

Rumples Wiggin (index), Done Out In Deco (middle),
You're Such A Budapest (ring), Do You Lilac It (thumb)


L-R: Rumples Wiggin, Done Out In Deco, Do You Lilac It,
You're Such A Budapest


OPI...Eurso Euro

Indigo creme.  It actually photographs more blue than it actually is, but in real life, the purple undertones are more noticeable.  I wish it actually appeared more like this in real life - more blue and vivid.  Still, it's a beautiful colour.


Polka.com (over Your'e Such A Budapest)

Polka.com has a mixture of hexagonal glitter and fine glitter in aqua, pink and a blue with a slight purple undertone, in a clear base.  You can see from my photo that depending on the lighting angle, the glitter can throw variations of shades from the same colour family as the main three colours in the polish.  As with other OPI glitters with the larger pieces of glitter such as the hexagonal pieces, I find that the best way to apply is to lay the brush flat on the nails and dab the glitter on.   I really like this one - when I look at it from a distance, for some reason it reminds me of different colours of paint that have been splattered on a canvas.  

Can't Find My Czechbook

This shade is an aqua creme, but it has a slightly muted and dusty undertone to it, so it isn't overly bright.  Depending on the lighting conditions, it sometimes looks more green toned or more blue toned.

OY-Another Polish Joke!

Yellow gold foil shimmer.  This formula is actually on the sheer side - I have swatched it with 2 coats, but could have easily gone for a 3rd coat for more opacity.   The thing that surprised me with this shade/formulation is that it didn't have that high shine/reflect that I would have normally expected from a shade like this - it's almost matte.

I thought that it might be a dupe of GoldenEye from the Skyfall Collection, but they are different - GoldenEye is less yellow toned and is more dense than OY-Another Polish Joke.  GoldenEye is also more metallic looking, as it has more reflect.

OY-Another Polish Joke
GoldenEye (Skyfall collection)

I found the formula to be great with this collection - everything applied evenly and with intensity.  The foil-shimmer shade was a bit more sheer than I thought, so needs an extra layer or two if you want opacity.  This would be the same for the other foil shimmer shade in the collection (A Woman's Prague-ative).  But overall, the formulation in this collection is good.

Official Website: www.opi.com

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