Thursday, 15 August 2013


will be saying goodbye!

Dear readers,

I have decided to retire Chic Beauty Blog from the beauty blog world.  Over the past 2 years, I have enjoyed bringing beauty product reviews and swatches to readers on this blog, and I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading my blog posts and finding them useful.  However I have decided to take a break from beauty blogging and re-think the direction of my blog.


I am planning to return to beauty blogging in the near future - I have a new website in the works, with a new name and a new look, and with more content - not just reviews, but also beauty news and trends.  

I feel that this blog is currently not geared to grow in the direction that I would like.  In particular, I would like to expand on the brands that I work with, so that I can bring you more timely information about more beauty brands, products and beauty news.  

After tying up some loose ends on here, I will be working to get my new site up and running, and I will also be moving most of the posts from Chic Beauty over to my new site, so that readers still have access to the reviews and swatches on here.  So you will slowly see posts disappearing from this site.  

As soon as the new site is ready, I will post an update here & also on Twitter and Facebook.  All of my social media accounts will remain the same, but they will eventually reflect the name change.  

As always, I appreciate any feedback from readers, and would love to hear how I can make things better for you the reader.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed and supported by blog, from all over the world.  I really appreciate it!

Please stay tuned for updates very soon!

Sophie xx

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