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Scunci Hair Accessories Review & Spring Hair Trends

As mentioned in a previous post here, I need all the help I can get when it comes to styling my hair and wearing it up.  Although my hair strands are thin, I have lots of hair (and it's heavy), and I find that when I wear it up, it tends to never sit in place - I always get rogue bits of hair slipping out or going in another direction.  So I am always using hair accessories such as clips and good quality elastics to try and keep things in place.

Scunci have a great range of hair accessories to help create various hair looks.  In this blog, I have for review the Scunci Bobby Pins, No Damage Hair Elastics and also the Pin Twirls, as well as some tips from the Scunci styling team on how to create some spring-inspired hairstyles.

Scunci Bobby Pins

These are slightly different to the other types of bobby pins that I've used.  They are a bit wider at the top, and also more lighter.  I found that they didn't dig into my scalp like some other bobby pins, and I didn't get that tight pulling sensation either.  However I found that they held better on larger sections of hair, rather than smaller/thin sections.

Scunci Bobby Pin (top), other brand (bottom)


Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics

I recently ran out of my snagless/metal-free hair elastics, and I could only find elastics with the metal on them.  I hadn't used them for a while, so I thought - I don't remember them being that bad.  Umm...I don't have a good memory!  So trying out these Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics was a relief - no pulling or hair getting caught on any metal!  They are also nice and soft and easy to work with.


Scunci Pin Twirls

I have seen these pin twirls on Youtube and other blogs, and seriously didn't think that they would work for my hair.  I didn't even think that once I had put them in my hair, that my hair had any chance of staying like that for even 5 seconds - but surprisingly, it did, and stayed in place for hours.  The Scunci Pin Twirls come in a pack of 3, and have instructions on the back.

The pin twirls enable a bun to be created without the use of any elastic bands or other clips.  You pull the hair together and then twist it into a bun, tuck the ends of the hair in, then twist one pin twirl from the top and one from the bottom.  It's just like twisting a cork screw - they twist in easily, and they are removed by twisting them in the opposite direction, which is also easy to do.  None of my hair got caught or pulled in either process.  

The only thing I found was that I couldn't really control the ends of my hair - they just wouldn't stay tucked in, but this could easily be fixed with a bobby pin.  Sorry that I couldn't get a decent photo - I tried a couple of different cameras, but I couldn't capture it very well (having dark hair doesn't help!).  But I got a really nice looking bun which stayed in place without flyaways, and didn't cause that tight feeling that elastic bands can.  I needed a couple of attempts to get it right, but it worked well when I did.

Inspiration & tips from the team at Scunci:


While we can't actually make the warm weather arrive sooner, we can definitely prep ourselves for the trends of the Spring season.  The styling team at Scunci walk us through 2 key styles:

Super Straight Hair

Say goodbye to high buns and tight hair.  Be free this spring and go super straight.  As seen on the runways of Michael Kors and Balenciaga, this style is simple, elegant and super easy.

How to:
Start the look by twisting two strands from the front of your super-straight locks and secure them at the back of your head with Scunci's No Slip Grip Spit Bobby Pins.  Add a unique touch to the style by placing a skinny headband just above the twists for something different - try the Skinny Headbands from Scunci, the patterned style looks especially cool.

The Low Bun

The low bun is effortlessly elegant, versatile and easily interchangeable as a day to night style.  This new trend is the prettiest way to embrace the spring season, Jennifer Lawrence style.

How to:
Start with dry clean hair and pull your locks into a low ponytail, using Scunci's No Damage Elastics.  Leave some loose pieces around the face to soften the look.  To give the style a dramatic look, simply braid your hair.  Loop the hair around itself to create a loose low bun.  Fasten the bun securely and easily using Scunci's Pin Twirls, and spritz with some hairspray for a lasting glamorous look!

Scunci’s 6pc No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins: $8.95
Scunci 3pc No Slip Grip Skinny Headbands: $8.95 
Scunci 18pc No Damage Elastics: $7.95
Scunci Pin Twirls: $9.95.

Stockists: Priceline, Big W, Target & selected Salons & Pharmacies Australia wide. Scunci Styling Tools are also available from David Jones nationally.

Official website:

These products were generously provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with Chic Beauty's Disclosure Policy.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are the author's own.

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