About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!  My name is Sophie and I am an Australian-based beauty blogger.  My professional background is in the health area, but I have always had a passion for beauty products.  During my years at university, I would spend endless amounts of time roaming through nearby department store beauty counters during my breaks (instead of studying!), always looking for something new and interesting to buy and try.

Not only do I love trying out new products, but I also enjoy sharing my experiences with other beauty product enthusiasts.  For several years, I regularly contributed reviews to MakeupAlley (and became a Top Reviewer), and decided to expand on this by creating my own beauty blog, so that I can post all my reviews in the one place - and best of all, I get to combine 2 things that I love - beauty products and writing. 

About Chic Beauty

Chic Beauty is all about beauty product reviews, with a slighter emphasis on my two weaknesses - makeup and nail polish.  But there will still be many reviews on other products, such as body products, skin care, hair care and fragrance.  These will range from brands you can buy at pharmacies, to home shopping brands, through to department store brands and exclusive boutique brands.

My main aim with this blog is to swatch most of the products as they look applied, such as eyeshadows on the eyes and lip colours on the lips, rather than just swatching them on my arm.  In this way, I hope that readers can get a better feel for how the products might look when applied, and the various combinations that can be used.

Unless otherwise stated, I buy the products that I blog about, and in all cases, I write my honest opinions about them.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

I hope that Chic Beauty becomes a useful source of information for beauty consumers, to help them make informed decisions and provide hints and tips on how to get the best out of their beauty buys.  Please feel free to comment or share your love (or lack of love!) for these products - I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Thanks for stopping by & happy reading!